Specialist bee nest removal

If you have bees nesting in or near your home, they need to be dealt with. Although bees are beneficial insects that help pollinate plants and produce honey, they can cause a safety concern. Bees are generally not aggressive but the chances of an accidental sting increases significantly, if a nest is nearby. Stings are always painful and for a those who are allergic to bees stings, can be life-threatening. Protecting family and pets is the number one priority.

If bees are nesting in your home, in addition to the safety concern, their honey can cause damage to your home and give rise to other pest problems.



We will carry a pest inspection at your home or place of business to identify the right treatment.


Our treatments are designed to remove the bee nest that have been identified.


Your home or place of business will be protected from pest for up to 6 months.


It's important to maintain your pest management by booking our services every 6 months or as needed.

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