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Termites & Termite Damage Photos


Termites ...... the enemy!! Can travel up to 100+ metres away from the nest. They can travel & eat a house on the other side of the road or in the next street, all at the same time. Not uncommon for them to be attacking several houses at once. We have treated termite nests in units on the 26th floor of a city building. In the mountains, valleys and city high-rise.

Termites live everywhere.

Termites live under the ground. Everything eats them. Birds, other insects & animals love them, especially ants. They cannot defend themselves because they are blind. That's why they build underground highways from the nest to a food source. You will never see a termite foraging for food in an exposed position. They live in underground tunnels. That is why they are called "Subterranean Termites.". 90% of the time you never find the nest. It's hidden under the ground, inside trees or within the walls of buildings.

The caste within the colony that does all the damage has no eyes!!! There can be well over 500,000 termites within a single colony. They never sleep!! Termites can penetrate brickwork through the mortar joints of brickwork once you cover up the brickwork with gardens, pavers, concrete paths, veranda's etc.

For homes constructed with a concrete slab, this now constitutes more than 70% of our current termite infestations. Once homes have their brickwork covered over so that you cannot see the slab for the entire perimeter of the dwelling, consider your home on the termite waiting to be eaten list. Any area of the slab covered over by anything is a potential entry point.
Homes on Piers ....... at the very least, have an Annual Termite Inspection. Better still is to Termite proof it with a Chemical Barrier. Less effective are Bait Stations placed around homes.

Get serious about Termites. For sure if they enter your home, they will get serious with you !!!!



This home was purchased just two weeks prior to our radar detecting this sub-nest in the wall cavity. The purchasers inspector did not use Termatrac Radar and missed them at the time of the Termite Inspection. Legal action followed.

A regular inspection is the answer. Better still, Termite proof the home. We can tell you how.


The enemy

Screwdriver pushed through this thick beam by hand.

A mud termite tube enters the timber frame and gets over the ant capping

This house was bulldozed due to termite damage

Termite mud packing

Termite mud packed into a wall

Bottom plate timber "gone"

Replacement roof needed

New bathroom please!!!

Wall stud now none existant due to termites. Look at the mud packing where they grow a fungus to help them digest the cellulose out of the wood. Cellulose is the sugar linked mollecules of timber.

Timber frame of this home is destroyed

Roof timber is termite riddled. Needs a new roof.

No strength left in this timber. Needs replacing.

Mud packing from a kitchen. Huge damages bill from the repairing builder.

Want to see more termite Damage?

Don't become a statistic. Regular termite Radar and Thermal Imaging inspections can protect you.


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