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Rodents (Rats & Mice)

Roof & Wall Noises at Night?

Chances are that you have a Rat or Mouse problem. Rodents have to gnaw on solid objects in order to keep their continually growing teeth from preventing them using their jaws. These objects include the electrical wiring in your walls and roof cavities. Homes can burn down when wiring is attacked by rodents.
Photos of Rodent damage.
The following photos were taken after a roof fire was investigated by an electrician. Tthe owner had reported some electrical faults and the smell of something burning. This home luckily survived. Rat's or mice had gnawed away at the wiring. In order to keep their teeth worn down by chewing on hard objects, (electrical wiring & timber etc), this usually takes place inside roof voids or walls. We took these photos because you can actually see the rodents teeth marks on the electrical cable. One of the photos shows where it caught fire!! A very lucky homeowner. Get a professional to Bait the roof and other safe points regularly.

Rat's & Mice eat & chew on electrical wiring


You can see their teethmarks on the wiring photos above.

Rodents front "incisor" teeth continually grow. If they don't gnaw on hard surface objects, then their teeth actually grow too long and choke them. That is why you can sometimes hear gnawing sounds at night in the roof & walls


Warning signs that Rodents are in your home.


Noises in the Roof & Walls at night.
Smell of rodent urine in roof.
Rodent droppings around home & roof.
Pets become excited.
Rodent droppings in cupboards & under furniture
Rodent carcasses.
Gnaw marks on hard objects.
Food pilfering.
Burrowing or holes around building foundations
Increase in flea or blood sucking insects from rodent presence
Visual sightings of rodents in, on or near the home

Lockable bait boxes and baiting programs are available. Don’t’ take the chance of your home catching fire!!

Don't risk your home & health ......

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