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Your locally based Pest Control company for over 30 years

7 days a week, 24 hour emergency service for European Wasps, Bees & Termites

Covering all aspects of Pest Control on the Highlands since 1980.

All our technical staff are fully qualified Pest Control technicians

Termites Minimum attention should be an Annual Termite Inspection using Termatrac Microwave Radar detection.
Termite Barriers Highly recommended to every home in this area.
Termites if located near or within the building Inspection, then an Eradication of the Termite Colony & then creating Termite Barrier around structures to be protected..
Pre Purchase Building Inspections Don't throw your cash away. Inspect it first using Radar.
Carpet Beetles Special spray treatment for this problem.
Fleas Flea Treatment.
Cockroaches all species General Treatment
Spiders General Treatment
Other Household Pests General Treatment
European Wasps & Bees Direct Eradication Treatment by an expert.
Rodents (Mice & Rats) Baiting Program. Regular topping up of Bait Stations.
Buying a New Property ? Pre Purchase Inspections are a must !! Buyer beware.
Annual Termite Inspection using Radar Peace of mind. Locates Termite infestations within walls and timber before big damage bills come your way.
Possums All care taken and advice given to solve this uninvited furry visitor problem.

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7 day / 24 hour Emergency Service Tel: 02 9834 4400. (direct to on-duty after hours technician)

Call us anytime for free advice on all aspects of Pest Control.

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